Freeport to Eastport

CPM Constructors is located on Bonney Street and Iris Lane off of U.S. Route One South in Freeport, Maine. The site is a mile from either of two Interstate 95 exits, Exit 17 to our South and Exit 21 to our north. This location includes corporate office space, a maintenance garage, a storage building, and a construction yard for storage of construction supplies and equipment.

Corporate offices are located at 30 Bonney Street.┬áThe shop and yard are the epicenter of activity at CPM Constructors’ Freeport location. The shop includes a maintenance garage and a storage and maintenance building. The maintenance garage is a three-bay facility and is located at 19 Iris Lane, adjacent to the corporate offices. This building provides indoor space to perform maintenance and repairs on company equipment, an office for the shop manager, and an additional records storage room. This building is stocked with all the necessary tools to perform maintenance and repairs on company equipment and is staffed by a Shawn Griffin, the shop manager, three mechanics, a fabricator, and several, as needed, support people.

The storage and maintenance building is also a three-bay facility and is located at 21 Iris Lane. This building provides space for maintenance and repairs to larger pieces of equipment, winter storage for some company equipment, and storage for weather sensitive materials and supplies for projects. The shop oversees operations in this building.

The construction yard provides approximately 30 acres of ample storage space for company owned, reusable construction materials, fuel supplies, and company equipment not being used on projects. Our team is able to mobilize materials, supplies, and equipment from the yard and buildings to the project sites and keep the yard organized and orderly so that items needed at a project can be located, loaded, and moved in an efficient manner.

In addition to the Freeport base of operation, CPM Constructors also owns two marine facilities located in Eastport, Maine. The facilities have water access to Broad Cove and Deep Cove on the west side of the island. The Deep Cove location is a fully functioning marine facility on a nine acre parcel with two yards, a paved and granite access ramp, and a pier.