About Us


Who We Are

Eldon L. Morrison founded CPM Constructors in 1985. Since its inception, CPM Constructors has always performed well, as a result of strong leadership, engineering ingenuity, and good financial common sense. Although this is unusual for a construction company given the cyclical nature of the construction industry,  the strong character of the company and its people have always helped make this possible.

CPM Constructors concentrates on projects involving heavy construction and above-average difficulty in construction project planning and scheduling. These projects usually run between $400,000 and $25,000,000, take under three years to complete, and are primarily located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. CPM Constructors obtains its work through negotiations with owners on selected projects and by competitive bidding on the majority of projects. CPM Constructors also looks to enter into design-build contracts with owners where the plans and specifications are drafted by an independent and fully insured design professional selected by CPM Constructors.

Mission Statement

CPM Constructors will pro-actively serve and satisfy its customers by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of its projects and by building a team of people who work safely and with a service-oriented attitude that leads the construction industry.

Corporate Philosophy

CPM Constructors is in business to serve our customers. CPM Constructors will remain in business with our commitment to achieving exceptional customer service. CPM Constructors begins by responding professionally and in a timely fashion to all customer requests, inquiries, and complaints. CPM Constructors must treat each customer with courtesy and confidentiality and must always maintain our professionalism.

CPM Constructors respects our customers’ privacy and treats our customer relationships appropriately, for our customers’ trust is a most valuable asset. CPM Constructors must exercise discretion and good judgment, and must not discuss the private affairs of customers unless business dictates the need to do so. Privacy and confidentiality are important to the success of our business, and CPM Constructors must always be acutely aware of our customers’ needs.


CPM Constructors belongs to several trade associations and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Associated General Contractors of Maine, the Maine Better Transportation Association, and the National Association Of Women In Construction.












An Equal Opportunity Employer